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My oh my! You've worked up quite a hard on there haven't you? I know you've been dreaming about that sweet release for quite some time. It's so difficult to keep it at bay. So tempting to just let yourself go! How quickly you forget; that orgasm belongs to me! It belongs to The Scarlet Mistress; just like your cock, your balls, your mouth, your ass. All of it belongs to me sweetheart. No matter what; don't let yourself forget that most important fact. I'm in charge. Even if you feel like you are.

Go ahead. Touch yourself. I can't stop you can I? It's what YOU want. You don't care if it's what I want or not do you? You just want to whack off and get those rocks off. All day. Every day. All about you.

Fine. Maybe I'll let you stroke until you explode. Maybe I'll just sit back and relax while you work yourself over. Let it build. Let it climb down your spine and up inside those balls. Swirling around and swelling you up. Filling you up and making you feel like blowing up!

And just as you feel your muscles contract.....

Right at the point of no return.....

I tell you to put those hands down on your thighs. Don't. Touch. It! I will ruin that orgasm because it wasn't what I desired; it was what YOU desired! You can have that orgasm but you can't have the pleasure. I will make it worthless! I will steal that enjoyment!





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