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by Ms. Marlena of www.yourphonemistress.com

Unsurprisingly, strokers are always begging for an orgasm. I'm used to hearing their frenzied pleas as they whimper, “Mistress, can I cum?!” Often, the answer is simply “No”—irrevocably, non-negotiably, mercilessly “No”. However, the answer may also be “Yes” sometimes. Unfortunately for you, that “Yes” is accompanied by some fine print.

Yes, you may cum, but no, it won't be the way you're expecting. You might be allowed an orgasm, but it's going to be a ruined orgasm. If you aren't yet familiar with the frustrating displeasure of a ruined orgasm, allow me to enlighten you. A ruined orgasm occurs when stimulation is disrupted or discontinued at the moment of ejaculation. A ruined orgasm can also occur when the flow of cum is intentionally blocked, thereby drasticially reducing the pleasure you feel during your orgasm.

There are Many Ways to Ruin Your Orgasm

If it all sounds a little evil and devious, that's because it is. Ruined orgasms are a very irritating form of orgasm control...for you, anyway! For your Masturbatrix, they're an excellent way to exert control over your orgasms and bask in the frustration of your weak, questionably-there orgasm.

Much to your chagrin, there are many ways to ruin your orgasm.

The most common and popular method of ruining an orgasm is called abandoning. Abandoned orgasms are orgasms in which you are taken just past the edge and suddenly ordered to discontinue all stimulation to your cock. Ejaculation will still occur, but without the accompaniment of manual stimulation all the way through, the resulting orgasm will be dreadfully unsatisfying.

Bleeding, also called robbing, is another form of ruined orgasm control. It is a lengthier, more involved method that keeps you on the edge for an extended period of time, causing large amounts of precum to drip from your cock. After multiple edges and much precum, your balls are completely bled dry of semen. When you finally experience an orgasm, it is a dry orgasm that is often accompanied by physical discomfort and even pain.

And lastly, blocking is another form of ruined orgasm control. This method, quite simply, involves blocking the flow of cum at the moment of ejaculation. Your Mistress will order you to place your thumb tightly over your urethra, and you'll experience the disappointment and discomfort of an orgasm with nowhere for the cum to flow!

Why Would You Want a Ruined Orgasm?

It certainly doesn't sound fair, and it scarcely sounds fun. And yet...you're inexplicably compelled to try it. At the core of a ruined orgasm session is the concept of control. When you surrender your cock to your Masturbatrix, you submit to her expert guidance and cock control. Sometimes, she might allow you to cum. Other times, she might totally deny you. And sometimes, she might introduce you to the disruptive shock of a ruined orgasm. Ruining your orgasm is a way to demonstrate your submission to your Mistress. It is your opportunity to totally hand over control of your cock and abide by whatever orders she gives you.

Some stroker pets argue that no orgasm is better than a ruined orgasm, so why not find out? The next time you beg for an orgasm, be careful; you might get exactly what you wish for. After all, you didn't specific what kind of orgasm you want!



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