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I know why you've called. That stiff throb won't let you rest. No sleep, no interest in anything but exploding that load. You're easy to read. The breathy voice gives you away. You've been stroking awhile, and you need me to drive your fantasy right over the edge. We're going to have a lot of fun, you and I. You've been looking at my pictures all day, every word that I've written has lured you here. Let me help you, baby. Close your eyes and imagine that hand is mine. I am right in front of you, stripped bare and ready to be what you need.

But we can make this even hotter. Just let me take over. That cock is mine and you're not allowed to touch it. No, I want to stroke you all by myself. I know just how to satisfy that lust. Close your eyes, relax and prepare for more pleasure than you thought possible.

You're building, I can feel it. You're panting, baby. That cock is like iron in my hand, those balls so full and heavy. Just one more moment.

You gasp and writhe, prepared to welcome the pleasure you can almost taste. And just as quickly as it approaches, my hand drifts from you. Your eyes instantly open as your face twists, grimacing. You merely ooze, that long-awaited fluid disappointing you with every sad spurt. Your regret is drowned in my laughter. Your cock is still stiff, and so what? I've taken your fun and kept it all for myself.


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Why Ruin Orgasms?

by Ms. Ryan of www.weruinorgasms.com


Obviously, the Mistresses on this site–myself included–talk about ruined orgasms a lot. It’s to be expected, of course, because this site is completely dedicated to the subject. But while it’s understood that we all enjoy ruining men’s orgasms, have you ever wondered why that might be?

Well, I can only speak for myself, but I’ll be happy to tell you my thoughts on the subject.

You see, I believe in Female Superiority. It’s similar to Female Supremacy, but it’s not exactly the same. What it *does* mean, though, is that certain things that women can consider rights are things that must only be privileges for men.


Male Orgasms are a Privilege to be Earned


I’ll elaborate. When it comes to, say, the topic of orgasms, I believe that nearly all women should be able to have one whenever they want, for the most part. It’s not an unreasonable desire, and it should never be considered absurd for them to expect their partners to help them along if they would like some assistance.

On the other hand, orgasms for men are not a right. They’re a privilege. Male orgasms have to be earned. They’re a reward, if you will. So if you haven’t earned the privilege, then you won’t get to have one. That’s simply the way it works in my world.

But constant denial can get boring, both for you and for me. Also…consider this. Imagine that you have completed a task for me and are hoping to get your reward. But then, when I look closely at what you’ve done, I find that while you’ve technically done what I asked, you haven’t done it in a way that is satsifactory to me.


The Impact of a Ruined Orgasm


Sure, I could reprimand you for your sloppy work and have you do it all over again until you get it right. I could also tell you that I’m displeased and continue your period of denial. But there is something that will get my point across in a way that nothing else will, and that is ruining your orgasm. If you’ve only done a half-arsed job, then you only get a half-arsed orgasm. That seems fair, doesn’t it?

It’s the sort of thing that sticks with a man and a lesson he won’t soon forget. He’ll know, on a visceral level, the same sort of disappointment that I did when I realised that he did a shoddy job.

Of course, I don’t always ruin orgasms as a punishment or a penalty, though it’s true that there are times when you simply don’t deserve a real orgasm. Sometimes I do it just for fun. You men make such delightful noises when you think you’re going to be allowed to cum, only to have it pulled away from you at the very last second. I would never deny myself the pleasure of hearing them.

As you can see, a ruined orgasm is just another one of the many tools in my arsenal…but it’s one that I really do enjoy using!