A Ruined Orgasm To Get Even With the Boss


Please, let me cum, Mistress.” He was begging again and I have to admit, I love that because it makes me even more determined to give him a ruined orgasm. The begging is what really makes it exciting for me, especially from him. My boss has treated me like his stupid slutty slave for months, ordering me around and leering at me in my short skirts.  He deserves to beg and he doesn’t deserve to get to cum. He deserves ruined orgasms.

We met when I first started here. They moved me up from the second floor, one more step in the direction of working directly for our CEO. He was on the fourth floor, but hey, third was better than second and I knew I could handle it. Then I met Tim. My new boss. He was the one I was going to be working directly for.  I knew from the moment I saw him that he was going to be a problem. I didn’t know just then how or why or what he would do, but I soon found out.


It Doesn’t Work To Harass Me


You see, I’m hot. That’s not vain, just honest. I know I look good, so it’s not really an issue for me.  In fact, I tend to forget all about it, unless someone brings it to my attention. My legs are long and I’m curvy, but only in a way that reminds you of how much of a woman I really am. My hair is naturally red and wavy, so I let it hang down long and bouncy.

I’m telling you this because I’m accustomed to men staring at me.  Or even leering a little. However, this was different. I could feel him undressing me as he introduced himself and told me that we would be working very closely together.  Then reminded me he was the final word on my next promotion, so he hoped I was as good as he had heard.

The “good,” though, didn’t sound like he meant my work, but, instead, meant that I was there to fuck him. And he knew I was good at it. I am, but he doesn’t know that and there was no way I was ever going to fuck him. I wanted that promotion though, so I put up with the rest of his sleazy crap.

It started out with him sending me on errands constantly, wanting coffee or his dry cleaning picked up. I did it. At least it got me out of the office. And the city in spring is beautiful, so I was happy to be outside. Then came the clothing regulations. He wanted his primary assistant to wear skirts, not pants, and the shorter the better.

That Sexy, Naughty Look

Right, he can’t insist on that, but unless you have proof, it is a little difficult to fight and honestly, I didn’t care. I knew he was never getting into my panties, so it was even a little bit amusing to me. In fact, it was a lot amusing, to know that he thought I was uncomfortable in the tight short skirt, silky, partially unbuttoned blouse and six inch heels.

He was totally wrong. I love that sexy naughty look (otherwise I wouldn’t have owned a pair of six inch heels).  And everyone else, including the CEO loves it too. In fact, it was because of a certain tight cream colored skirt and pale purple blouse with a creamy bra underneath that I first met our CEO. He was staring at me in the elevator. Younger and more handsome than I expected, I told him to stop checking out my boobs.

He laughed and said that would be harassment, that he was just thinking how he couldn’t believe we hadn’t met before. That was when he introduced himself and I knew I no longer needed Tim to get promoted.  That’s when I decided to start playing with Tim.


Ruined Orgasm As Sweet Revenge


Every night, I’d stay late, come in and out of his office, bending and flashing him. Knowing the whole time that our CEO had asked me out on a secret date and taken me to the opera. It was lovely and only secret because he didn’t want anyone to think I was getting promoted because of him, instead of because of how amazing I am.

I am amazing as a personal assistant, by the way. So, anyway, Tim finally decided he was going to make his move and called me in late one night, telling me to shut and lock the door. I shut it. He was behind his desk stroking his cock. I played along until he was completely naked and I just had a couple more buttons open. It was easy. He’s selfish. Getting off was all about him.

I knew it and had him sit on his desk and stroke, even helping him out, squeezing his balls and leaning forward while he looked into my bra. He reached out, trying to grab me. I laughed, telling him we had plenty of time. Waiting until he was too hard to think, listening to him beg every time I stopped, I would take my hands off him and say, “I think I hear someone coming.”

He said no way, keep going and was finally begging. I instructed him to call me Mistress, which he did, easily, and then I reached down, stroking him faster. Hearing my date coming right on cue, I stepped back, whispered for him to “Cum now!” He stroked faster, moaned and I opened the door, saying loudly, “Tim, our CEO is here to see you!” The look on his face, while his cock twitched and leaked cum from a ruined orgasm, was priceless.