A Sissy’s Ruined Orgasm

Let me tell you the story of a sissy’s ruined orgasm.  Every sissy should know that all things that (s)he does should be done in the most feminine of fashion and should not at all resemble the actions of a man. A sissy is always concerned about his femininity.

From the daily task of shaving, to getting dressed appropriately, to the way he eats, acts, speaks, and walks, and to his overall presentation of himself, a sissy is scrupulously concerned about all the ways that he could be possibly be perceived by his femdom Mistress.

Your feminization Mistress is sure to have kept you in chastity for some time, and you would certainly be more than happy to be released from the cock cage that has for so long impeded your need to relieve yourself of the excruciating sexual frustrations that you have been contending with.

You may even have been granted the permission to masturbate upon the release of your dick from your personal prison, but you should take a moment and remember your manners. You are a sissy boy.

You are no longer the “man” that you once were, the man who would grab his dick and start to stroke it furiously in a disgusting manly fashion. You must never forget that you are a sissy, and you are expected to act as such at all times!

Learning To Masturbate Like A Sissy

There is only one way that a sissy should ever be allowed to masturbate, and this even applies to sissy boys that have yet to be lucky enough to find a femdom Mistress to keep them locked in chastity and give them the direction that is so important to sissies during their development and growth.

Sissy masturbation is not all about the orgasm or the pleasure that could be gotten from the act of jerking off in the normal “manly” fashion. Sissy masturbation is a very elaborate process that will, generally speaking, end in some form of a ruined orgasm.

The following information will not only teach you how to prepare for sissy masturbation, but will also inform you of the correct techniques and rules for sissy masturbation and ruined orgasms. Sissy masturbation must be done according to the rules, regardless of whether or not the male submissive is currently living under the direction of his superior dominant woman.

Sissy masturbation means that you must touch your sissy clit in the same fashion that a real woman would touch her own clit. You will begin by undressing all the way down to nothing but heels, stockings and your corset.

Next, you will want to lay something like a towel down on the bed to protect the covers. Then, you will lie face down on your belly. In this position, you will then position your clit so that it points toward your feet.


The Rules Of Sissy Masturbation

The rules of sissy masturbation are:

1. You may only touch your sissy clit with ONE finger!

2. You will not “jerk off” violently like a disgusting man.

3. If you touch your sissy clit with more than ONE finger, even if by accident you are to stop touching yourself, and your sexual frustrations will be prolonged for yet another day.

4. If the finger that you are touching your clit with becomes tired, you may change fingers, but no more than twice during your masturbation session.

In the aforementioned position and following the rules stated above, you are ready for your sissy masturbation marathon. You are finally ready to slowly and steadily caress your sissy clit to what will amount to a terribly unsatisfying ruined orgasm as a result of all of your the hard work that you expended while attempting to obtain your orgasm!

Sissy masturbation often makes it much more difficult to experience an orgasm, thus increasing the amount of time and energy to even achieve that orgasm. Once the sissy male submissive has reached his peak and is about to orgasm, he is to hold back, change pace, etc. in order to deny that orgasm.

Once the submissive cannot hold off any longer, he will continue at the same pace and level of friction, simulating the sensation of a primal fucking, until he has passed the point of no return, where he will jump to all fours.


Sissy’s Ruined Orgasm


This will leave the cock touching nothing but air, thus ruining the male submissive’s orgasm. Ruined orgasms are the best way to keep the sissy’s “piping” in a healthy condition, but will not cause any drop in the sissy’s level of service or commitment.

Sissy masturbation must be carried out in this way, if the femdom Mistress values the control that she hold over her sissy slave, since cock control is most powerful when paired with ruined orgasm!