A Twist On The Same Old Spanking


This is the story of a twist on the same old spanking. My slave had been a bad, bad boy. He’d made the mistake of disobeying my instructions not to jerk off without my explicit permission. Choosing to break the rules of orgasm control, especially in such a flagrant manner, was just asking for punishment.

Naturally, his Femdom couldn’t just let this slide, so I devised a punishment for him. He was to come to my bedroom, strip naked, and present himself to me for his punishment spanking. I let him know what was about to happen and gave him 10 minutes to gather his wits about him and report to my bedroom.

I waited patiently for him, feeling both disappointed in his failure and ready to get this punishment over with as soon as possible, so that I could get back to doing something I enjoyed instead. I never have enjoyed punishing slaves, even when they so richly deserve it.


Humiliation And A Spanking For Punishment


Just before the 10 minutes were up, I heard a knock at the door. “Come in!” I called. My slave walked in slowly, his head hung in shame. He knew he’d done wrong, and he knew it was time to pay the pied piper. I motioned for him to come closer. He did so and then began removing his clothes without saying a word.

He didn’t take very long to get naked for me. He stood before me, dejected and totally naked. I grabbed him by the chin and tilted his head up, forcing him to look at me and see the disappointment in my eyes. Even the CFNM humiliation wasn’t enough to get his cock hard because he was so angry with himself for disobeying me…as he well should be.

I pulled him down across my lap in one swift motion, not giving him time to react. He gasped in surprise, but otherwise did nothing. He knew it would be futile to fight or struggle. He’d broken the rules, and he was going to be punished.

The spanking began in earnest. I didn’t give him any sort of warm-up to allow him to get used to the blows from my hand like I do when the spanking is only for play. This was a punishment, and, as such, it was supposed to hurt.


Ruined Orgasm Becomes Part Of The Bargain


After several well-placed smacks, my slave began whimpering, and after a few more, he was openly yelping. Regardless, I could feel his cock getting hard between my stocking-clad legs, which made me angry. This was a punishment! He wasn’t supposed to be enjoying it, even if he was clearly experiencing discomfort with every blow.

I began spanking him harder, but, somehow, this only made his cock grow harder as well. For a few moments, I, an experienced dominant woman, was unsure about what to do. But then it hit me–there was definitely a way to continue this punishment without accidentally reinforcing bad behavior.

I spanked him as hard as my hand could stand, which pushed him to the edge of both his pain tolerance and the edge of orgasm. Even though I knew he was about to cum, I kept spanking. He couldn’t believe what was happening. The little painslut was even humping my legs ever so slightly!

I kept raining blows down on his reddened butt cheeks, though. His whole body began to tense in my lap. Just before he could cum all over my nice stockings, I brought down my final smack…right on his balls, as hard as I could!

The pain and shock of the ruined orgasm quite literally took his breath away. I don’t think he knew what to do. He rolled off my lap and curled up in the fetal postion on the floor, whimpering loudly and clasping his aching testicles.

“You should never disobey me, my pet. Your disobedience ruined a perfectly good orgasm, and you’ve no one but yourself to blame for it,” I said. “You must always remember that, no matter what, I will enforce my cock control over you one way or the other.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he managed to gasp out.

And what’s the moral of this story? Mistress always wins!