The Story of an Accidental Ruined Orgasm


This is the story of an accidental ruined orgasm. I once had a guy get mad at me because I was helping him jack off, accidentally scared him shitless and ruined his orgasm. It wasn’t like I was trying to ruin it, though. But he acted like I had set out to just fuck up his day. I was so pissed off that he got mad over such a stupid thing, I broke up with him.

I had thought that our relationship was good and our sex life was great. We had been a couple for about six months and it was pretty serious. I had met his parents and spent the holidays with him, so I felt that it was probably going to be permanent someday. We were both college graduates who had a lot in common with one another.

We both worked for the same company. We were very active, playing sports and doing other outdoor activities together. We also were very sexually attracted to each other and great in bed together. I was pretty with long red hair and brown eyes. I was tall, but not so tall that I had to wear flats when we went out. We were both uninhibited and adventurous.

There was a very unique understanding between the two of us that we didn’t always have to cum at the same time or cum doing the same thing. This meant that if he felt he needed to stroke his cock and get off and I just wanted to watch, that was okay. It never went the other way very much, though. If I wanted to have an orgasm, he was always ready and willing at my demand.


I Hold Your Cock In My Hand


We did sexual things a lot. It was a running joke to us that I held his cock in my hand more than I held anything else. I came up with games and assignments for him because I am a control freak and loved the idea that I control his cock and when and if he got off. He seemed to enjoy it, so by the time we had been a couple three months, I was in complete control of his cock and our sex life.

I would tease him and make him hard in the shower then make him wait until I was ready to let him cum. One of my favorite things to do was making him wait for days to cum while I teased him at every opportunity. It drove him crazy but he always insisted that he loved what I did and he didn’t want me to stop telling him when he could cum.

I would call him when I knew he was at home and tell him to stroke his cock. I sat at so many stop lights listening to him that now that’s what I think of when I’m at any stop light or intersection. I don’t think that will ever go away.


Accidental Ruined Orgasm: Getting Off on Power


To tell the truth, knowing that I had that kind of power over my boyfriend was very arousing. I got off on the fact that I could tell him to stop stroking no matter how close he was and he would stop. That was so empowering to me.

But I didn’t mean to ruin his orgasm it just happened. I was just doing what I normally did. I had told him to stroke and he was going at it. I even thought that we might end up have sex with this one. I was in the mood, but I wanted him really hot and bothered before I took off my clothes and surprised him.

We got so into it that I had forgotten that I had started dinner and the smoke alarms went off in the kitchen. My boyfriend got so scared he couldn’t finish, even though he was right on the edge of it. I jumped up at the sound and dropped his cock and ran for the kitchen, pissed at myself for being so forgetful. He came running into the room behind me; cock bouncing, face red and breathing hard.

I put out the small fire and it was over in seconds and I was laughing because he had been so close and then was so scared. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone so scared before. He got furious with me for laughing over his ruined orgasm and swore he would never forgive me for scaring the crap out of him. I couldn’t help it; I laughed harder at his naked fury. No pun intended, of course.


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