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To be 100% honest with you, I do not believe that men need to cum on a regular basis at all. Especially men like you, the one who's reading this profile right now. Notice I didn't say all men. My lover who fucks my brains out, and gives me multiple orgasms gets to cum whenever he damn well pleases. I don't believe in alpha men or beta men either, but that's another story for another day. We're talking about cis men and their orgasms, and the fact that some of you entitled pricks don't even deserve to see a pussy let alone be near one.

My words can be very cutting at times, and I believe that is exactly what most cis men need to hear. Most of you aren't even smart enough to keep a woman, so you deserve to be denied, and if you are allowed a ruined orgasm, you deserve to be mindlessly horny all the time with no release in sight, and submissive to Dominant woman. Specifically dominant black women who have life experience training men to be good pets. Since you want to call yourselves alpha men... why shouldn't I treat you like a common dog who needs a leash?

Ruined orgasms are the leash you need to keep you in line. I actually do want you to experience pleasure, so that you know what being on the edge of release feels like, and so you know what the pleasure of a squirt-less orgasm feels like. And while you may find my words harsh, we are in fact talking about pleasure. The pleasure I receive from bringing you to you knees and making you my little fuck puppet. The pleasure you get from being my dribble bitch. If you didn't get off on being controlled, ruined, humiliated, and focusing one something outside of yourself, you wouldn't be here now would you? That's what I thought.

There is something I need you to understand, if you're going to serve me. While at times I find men fucking annoying little ingrates, I do in fact, love men. I love their company, I love when they entertain and spoil me, I love drawing pleasure from them any way I see fit. And I love ruining men. Take that any way you wish. If you please me, you can expect to build a lasting phone relationship, with me. And if you displease me... well, there are plenty of men, and there is only one, me. I have no problem replacing you if you fail to put a smile on my face. You need to make pleasing me, your top priority, because spilling your seed on a less than pleasurable orgasm, while I mock you, is mine.

Pass the Penis Phone Sex


What Does Ruining Orgasms Do For a Mistress?


When you see people discussing ruining orgasms online, you usually see lots of things written from the sub’s perspective or from the perspective of a Mistress who’s thinking about the effect a ruined orgasm has on her sub.

You see things like, “Ruined orgasms make men more obedient and submissive. ” Or, “They remind him of who’s in charge in the relationship.” Also, “It’s a great way to allow him to get off (since some release of semen is required for a man’s continued good health) while still keeping him completely frustrated.” And, so on.

But what you see a lot less of is commentary about what Mistresses and Masturbatrices get out of ruining men’s orgasms. So let’s talk about that today, shall we?


Why Women Enjoy Ruining Orgasms


Honestly, a woman may get a lot of things out of ruining her husband/boyfriend/sub’s orgasm.  But here are some of the many things that I think we get out of it.

First up is the fact that many of us who like ruination are also heavily into cock teasing and tease and denial. And no matter how interesting and exciting we find those things, the truth is that too much of the same thing–even things we love!–can get a little dull at times.

So ruining dudes’ orgasms is a way for us to spice up our teasing routines without actually giving the ruinee any real pleasure out of it. It all goes back to the thing about ruined orgasms often being just as frustrating as no orgasm at all!

Secondly, ruination is also about power. A Masturbatrix knows that she can get you guys to ruin your own orgasms at our command. All the while knowing how much it’s going to totally suck for you. Not going to lie – it gives us such a rush.

Anytime you can get someone to do something that goes against their own best interests, simply because you told them to, is a time that’s going to make you feel incredibly powerful. And that’s something that just can’t be overlooked when it comes to discussing ruination!


It’s Fun To Be Capricious


And thirdly, let’s not discount the sheer entertainment value, either. Let’s be real. It’s fun to be capricious sometimes.  To do something to a guy (or have him do something to himself) just because we said so.

The sounds of his frustration and his begging and so forth can be like music to our ruiners’ ears.  And it’s pretty hilarious just knowing that we can elicit those reactions from a guy anytime we want.  Simply by ruining his orgasm.

I’m sure there are many, many other reasons why a woman would like ruining a man’s orgasm, but these are, in my opinion, some of the main ones.

So just remember, guys, when we ruin orgasms, we’re getting just as much–if not more–out of it than you are. And you should definitely be grateful for that fact.  Because it ensures that we will continue our ruining ways for a long, long time to come!

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