All You Ever Wanted To Know About Ruined Orgasms


Ruined orgasms are often used in situations such as cuckolding and others to gain control of a male submissive. This is an ideal way to completely drain a submissive, without giving him the sheer pleasure of orgasm. Most men have experienced a ruined orgasm to some extent; of course, it was usually unintentional!

The basic definition of a ruined orgasm is that orgasm occurs after removal of stimulation, usually bringing much less pleasure than usual. It can, at times, be a painful experience. Basically, you or your tease and denial Mistress will build you up to orgasm, only to bring you back down so many times that when you least expect it, your orgasm will actually fizzle out and die. You will often ejaculate, but there are no muscle spasms or fun sensations to go with it.


Tease and Denial and Ruined Orgasms


Ruined orgasms were discovered through extreme tease and denial. Tease and Denial has long been known for its power to control men with ease. Tease and Denial is defined generically by Wikipedia as “a situation where a person’s genitals are stimulated until he/she is close to the point at which orgasm would normally be inevitable. At that point, direct stimulation of the genitals is reduced or stopped, so as to keep the recipient on the very brink or “edge” of orgasm (as with orgasm control) but without the promise of orgasm at the end.”

Generally speaking, if the ejaculation of fluids still happens after the removal of the stimulation, it brings much less pleasure and is known as a “ruined orgasm.” Ruined orgasms can also be the result of the ejaculation being prevented in some manner. When he is not allowed to ejaculate, feelings of intense arousal and psychological need will build within the male submissive.

Often the male submissive will choose to engage in a “tie and tease.” This is a scenario where the sensual femdom will tie the submissive up in light bondage. For many couples, the tie and tease game can become a very important aspect of the erotic tease and denial game that they play; bondage and restricted movement can intensify the feelings of sexual frustration by escalating the feelings of helplessness that the male cuckold so often lusts for.


What kinds of things could affect Ruined Orgasms?


There are many things that could affect a ruined orgasm experience in a number of ways. The frequency at which the male submissive had previously been masturbating could affect the length between and number of ruined orgasms, as can the intensity of the session. Ruined orgasm can be affected by who is performing the stimulation. If you have an especially seductive and sexy ruined orgasm phone sex Mistress, your ruined orgasms will probably be much more intense and much more frequent.


Relationships and Ruined Orgasms


Most couples who practice ruined orgasm and extreme tease and denial often are engaged in some form of BDSM relationship. In these situations, the partners engage in topping and bottoming during their practice of ruined orgasms. Usually the primary goals of the Dominant partner is to create the most unsatisfactory, awkward, and perhaps painful orgasms possible. The femdom often uses ruined orgasms as a tool to drain the balls of semen, while still maintaining his sexual arousal afterwards. It has been shown that often men who undergo numerous ruined orgasms will likely have cravings for vigorous and or invasive forms of stimulation.


Why would any couple engage in Ruined Orgasms?


The answer is simple. Cock Control. Cock control can be the most powerful tool that a femdom mistress can hold when she utilizes it correctly. The methodology must be carried out correctly, but when it is done correctly, a femdom can have a male submissive doing whatever she pleases with the use of ruined orgasms as control. Orgasm control is used amongst many femdoms and is often used in conjunction with feminization, but can be used to shape any desirable behaviors in the male submissive.

Saying that we ruin orgasms around here is a true understatement, as it is not quite that simple. The ruined orgasms is not the most important part of the call; in fact, it will be the most painful part after the amount of teasing that you will undergo by your smoking hot cock tease. Your femdom Mistress will then use both tease and denial and ruined orgasm phone sex to ensure that you carry out her every desire!