Beginner’s Guide to Ruined Orgasms and Cum Eating

by Mistress Erika of



Welcome to the beginners guide to ruined orgasm cum eating. One reason you are here and looking at this very essay is that you are aroused by, or at least curious about ruined orgasms. When you saw the tease about ruined orgasm and cum eating your brain lit up! Either with eager arousal or at least a mild curiosity. I’m glad you clicked and desire to know more!



Ruined Orgasms to Show Submission to Mistress


There are many tasks Mistress may ask of her submissive. Ruined orgasms as ordered by Mistress shows your submissiveness to Her.  It demonstrates your obedience and desire to be a good pet for Her. Your efforts do not go unnoticed and they are appreciated.

After all, we know how challenging a ruined orgasm is to perform. Just at that moment of no return when your brain and body are screaming to “keep going” and orgasm, you must stop the stimulation, as ordered. The result , ejaculation without much, if any pleasure at all.  It may leave you confusingly satisfied but not fully satisfied. Perhaps that nagging pressure and ache in those balls are relieved, but the euphoria of orgasm is absent. Then in a very short time you are just as horny , if not more so, than before.

There is a reasonable scientific reason why this is, and knowing this information and employing it in a very specific way can get your submissive self to a whole new level off submission. Let me tell you how.



Cum Eating to Show Submission to Mistress



Cum eating is a popular submissive task for Mistress to require of her submissive. In addition, not only a straight male submissive want to eat their cum. CEI is a part of the play for many who have bi-curious desires, feminization, other kinky desires that may involve eating cum.

I am sure many of you will agree with me ,  when you are aroused and horny the idea of consuming a load of ejaculate is very arousing. Having Mistress order you to eat cum , even more arousing! It is also very common for that urge and idea of this sexy treat to vanish in thin air a millisecond after your orgasm.

Since you need ejaculation to perform that naughty task, and typically ejaculate accompanies orgasm, many find it very difficult to achieve this task. Don’t beat yourself up if you unable to achieve the task this way, when  you are alone. You are not the only one who experiences this phenomenon, it is very comm  Good news is you are hear reading this essay and will walk away with a pro-tip to get that creamy cum into that mouth.



Understanding the Ruined Orgasm and Cum Eating Process


Science can help us with getting that first load in your mouth. Understanding the process will help us on our endeavor. When you become sexually aroused your body floods with a cocktail of feel good hormones. The These hormones act like a drug on your brain and lower your inhibitions. Thus, the idea of being a good pet and eating cum for Mistress is hot!

Your arousal shoots through the roof thinking about or hearing Mistress tells you how you are going to eat that cum for her.  However, when you orgasm, your body instantly floods with counteractive hormones to “put you back  to normal”. Prolactin is one hormone released during orgasm to give you that feeling of satisfaction. I have a theory , based on observation and experience that something with a ruined orgasm thwarts that process, many report a “lack of satisfaction” feeling.

I think you are pretty clever,  so you might already have figured out what’s coming next. Combining ruined orgasm with CEI  is a proven way to get that cum load into your mouth. You have had an ejaculation, but not a full orgasm. Your body and mind are in a state of flux so we will seize the moment where you have cum, but not fully satisfied and  order the cum between those lips!



Ready to Begin Your Ruined Orgasm and Cum Eating Journey?


This is but one of the many reasons why many connect with a Mistress to train on this heady naughty kinks. Alone you can only go so far, with the experience and expertise of Mistress you achieve a deeper submissive experience and make your kinky goals.

I urge you to reach out to a trusted Mistress to further your ruined orgasm cum eating journey. Sure you can try it yourself, but being held accountable, having a Femdom Mistress commanding you in your ear, or watching you on cam is often that something “extra”  that many need to successfully take that load.