He Cancelled my Credit Card so I Ruined His Orgasm


I married my husband because he’s rich. Isn’t that what women with any brain aspires to do? Money is what is important in any marriage. I was born to some wealth and I intended to keep living the lifestyle that I was accustomed to. So I went to college to only because I had to have that MRS degree. After that, life would be cake.

A found him in my senior year. I was in a business accounting class. I had absolutely no interest in accounting, but I knew the men in this class were almost certainly business majors and bound for good paying jobs. All of the electives I had were in business or prelaw.

I had decided that I didn’t want a doctor because the hours were too long during residency and I wanted to be spoiled with attention in my marriage, especially in the first few years. So here I was in my business class, dressed to impress. I never went to class in grubby clothes. No sir, not me.

I always had my make up on and my hair done. I wore nice shorts and miniskirts to show off my tanned legs. I also wore tasteful jewelry so that the guys knew that I had money and wasn’t trying to leach off them.


Rich Men Are Fun


One day in my senior year, I met him. I saw him admiring my legs and my boobs so I went up to him after class and asked him out. He agreed and told me later that he loved woman that were stronger than him. I sure fit that bill!

Anyway, he and I starting dating and were soon having sex. He was always easy to manipulate and I used his love of sex and stroking to my advantage. I began to control when and how he stroked his cock with stroking games. He loved it and always begged me for more.

I gave him more…for a price. He had to give me access to his bank accounts. He loved what I did so much that he did this without question even before we married.

So I was used to have control of his money even before I became his wife. I could go to the mall whenever I wanted to and spend as much money as my little heart desired. Sure I bought sexy lingerie and revealing clothes that he enjoyed, but that was just a coincidence, I didn’t buy the clothes to turn him on.

I bought clothes because they made me feel sexy and desirable to other men. My hubby was a done deal. I didn’t have to look good for his ass once we said I do.” But I was still a woman and I wanted to know that other men thought that I was hot.

Because of this, I not only needed new clothes, but a gym membership and a standing tanning appointment to keep my body in good shape. I also had to get manis and pedis every two weeks. I just couldn’t show up at one of the ladies’ dinner parties without my nails done! They would’ve kicked me out of the Sunday afternoon cribbage club.


Teaching Him A Lesson: I Ruined His Orgasm


During all this years of my control of his money, my hubby had done well for us. I thought it was all fine. Then I went to use the credit card at the mall. I was buying this outfit that I needed for the summer beach fling we went to every year.

I got the shock of my life when the cashier told me in a very snobbish tone that my card had been declined. Declined?! Me?? I didn’t believe her of course and made her get her manager. But in the end, after calling the credit card company I was told that my husband had cancelled my account. That’s when I decided to cancel his account at my bank.

I went home and acted like nothing was wrong. I put on my sexiest clothes and help my husband take a hot bath. He thought he knew what was coming and was really happy that I was going to have sex with him without him having to beg me for it. Then I took him into the bedroom and undressed for him and had him lie down and I knelt between his legs and began to suck his cock.

Right as he was about to have his orgasm, my best friend burst into my bedroom and yelled “Surprise!” right on time. I ruined his orgasm, just as planned.

I ruined his orgasm so husband didn’t have his orgasm at all that day. I thanked my friend and told him that if my credit card wasn’t reopened within the hour, I would never have sex of any kind with him ever again. Like any good hubby, he was on the phone in minutes and the situation was corrected. Ruined Orgasm 1, Husband 0!


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