I Like Ruining Orgasms


by Ms. Harper of www.weruinorgasms.com

I have a certain amount of just simple glee when I have a guy tell me that I can do literally anything I want with him. It’s such a dangerous phrase to use with a woman like me, because I’m a terrible tease, and I have a tendency to take you at your word! You tell me I can do anything I want with you, and I’m inclined to actually follow through on that.

One of my favorite things to do with an eager stroker is to let him edge and get incredibly horny. If I feel like it, I may very well allow him to finish his masturbation session. Sometimes I douse his cock in cold water, and deny his orgasm all together. That one’s a lot of fun, because the yowls and howls, the crying and begging is such a pleasure to me.


Congratulations! You’ve earned… a RUINED ORGASM!


Every now and then, however I find a guy who’s managed to earn himself a ruined orgasm. There are a lot of ways to earn that ruined orgasm, from asking nicely for it to just plain pissing me off! Sometimes, it is a Mistress’ prerogative to decide that you need to suffer. When I decide that the way you suffer is pretty to me, I’ll choose to ruin your nice happy orgasm.

I’ll be honest with you: sometimes my sadistic side acts up, and I just get in a mood. When I’m feeling especially cruel, I’ll let you get totally turned on, and then I’ll make sure your orgasm winds up totally wrecked. Sometimes, I’ll tell you to take your hand off of My Cock right as you begin to orgasm.

Another fun method is to tell you to let go and squeeze the head of that cock as hard as you can! But, my favorite method is to have you slap the cock while you orgasm. The pain and pleasure mix is intoxicating!


Ruining Orgasms: Relief without Pleasure


The joy of the ruined orgasm for me is that it does grant you relief, on a purely physical level, and yet does nothing at all to bring you pleasure. It’s taking one of the most fundamental and intrinsically wonderful experiences a human can have and subverting it. It’s cock control on a new, deeper, level. I own, not just your cock and balls, but your very orgasm.

Well, I own your orgasm anyway, if I own your cock, but with ruined orgasms, I can directly control the quality of said orgasm. I can make your life full of happiness and pleasure, give you blissful release, deny you orgasm, or totally ruin your sexual experience. It’s a heady, intoxicating pleasure for me, and I really, really, really love it.

Chastity has it’s pleasure, and edging does as well. Tease and denial, tease and delay, even extreme edging games, all eventually lead to release. Ruined orgasms? When used in combination with the other tools in my toolkit, can drastically increase the scope of my ownership of a submissive’s cock.

One ruined orgasm, and the threat of ruining orgasms again is enough to bring the most recalcitrant of slaves back under control.


Give one of our Mistresses a call, today, for your own ruined orgasm!