Male Chastity And Ruined Orgasms


Let’s talk male chastity and ruined orgasms.

I have been in the practice of ruining orgasms for some time now. My experience with ruined orgasms spans over several years. My submissive husband has always been very open to communicating his experiences to me in great detail. He often goes into graphic descriptions of each sensation, every pleasure and every pain that he undergoes during his ruined orgasm and chastity hell.

Of course, I used all of this information that I had gathered over the years of our marriage to improve the ruined orgasm routine, so that my husband never grew too terribly comfortable with the current guided masturbation game that we were playing.

The first thing that you must teach your male submissive is that he must ALWAYS have permission from his femdom Mistress before he is allowed to experience the pleasure that is associated with the normal male orgasm. Additionally, over time, a guided masturbation Mistress will learn the various signals that the male submissive’s body will emit during a long, torturous guided masturbation session.

A few signs that a Mistress should be sure to look for are visual signs of orgasm. These visual signs include twitching of the muscles near his balls, perineum and ass. It is of the utmost importance to keep the male submissive’s cock away from anything that could stimulate him to a free-flowing orgasm.


Submissive Is Kept Locked In Chastity


I have always delighted in keeping my male submissive in chastity; this is so that I can ensure that he does not disobey the rules that I have set in place that will assure I can gain the proper amount of cock control over him.

When keeping a male submissive in chastity, it is common for the femdom Mistress to let the male submissive out of his device for short periods. During this brief time of freedom from the male chastity device, the slave will be supervised during his shower and during the process of shaving his genital area. This is also the perfect time to empty the male submissive of cum through either prostate milking or through the method I prefer most, which is ruined orgasm. A ruined orgasm is perfect to not only empty the male submissive’s balls, but also to reduce his horniness and his sex drive, which is ultimately the long-term goal of having a chaste slave.

There are many ways that a femdom Mistress can carry out the act of ruined orgasm, but I have a very particular way that I prefer to use when participating in sessions of this type. First, I ensure that the male submissive’s cock will not come near anything that could possibly stimulate his cock.

I also make sure that he will not attempt to pleasure himself by tying his hands behind his back. I have him stand with his legs spread apart, while he is bent over something so that his cock, balls and ass are all available to me. What is especially exciting about this position is that my submissive will not know which method I am intending on using to empty his balls.

The most important thing to remember about positioning is that it is imperative to assure that his cock never touches anything.


Male Chastity and Ruined Orgasms; Ruining The Newly-Freed Sub’s Orgasm


At this point, I will position myself behind him so that I can easily maneuver his cock in the way that I desire and have complete control over his every sensation. It never takes very long for him to be fully erect after a week or two locked up in his male chastity device. He is always exceptionally horny, which is one reason that I plan a ruined orgasm for him!

I will methodically stroke his cock, watching carefully for any sign that he is right on the verge of orgasm. I will bring him close to orgasm many times only to slow down, thus delaying his orgasm, but I will watch until I see that he has reached the point of no return. That’s when I immediately let go of his dick!

Generally, my male submissive will clench his ass and try desperately to hump the air, looking for some stimulation, but receiving none, thus ruining his orgasm. Cum will drip out of his now-exhausted dick, and after I am sure that he is no longer aroused, I will milk out the remainder of the cum.

This method of ruining his orgasm will worked wonders in reducing his sex drive and will last longer than anything else! My husband receives GREAT pleasure from the hand jobs he receives, at least up until the point that I let go leaving him with nothing but another ruined orgasm!


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