Mistress Ruins My Orgasm


Hello, everyone. My name is Steve. I have been a collared slave for nearly a year now. I am owned by my Mistress and she almost always ruins my orgasm.

She completely owns every part of me, something that we both love. Of course, her favorite part of owning me is the cock control she has over me. Well, actually, it’s my favorite part, too. I complain sometimes and pretend like I don’t like it, but we both know that if she suddenly stopped exercising her control over my cock, I’d be devastated.

It makes me feel truly owned to know that my orgasms are not mine anymore to do with what I wish. I give everything in service to her, and that includes my cock and my orgasms. Since cock control is her favorite thing, she has quite a few ways to exercise that, as you can probably imagine.

Another thing my Femdom Mistress loves is using things I enjoy against me. She’s managed to do this in several different ways. For example, when I kept telling her how much I loved seeing her in lingerie, she managed to spin it in such a way that had me putting on the lingerie and being her little panty boy, since I “seemed to like panties so much,” according to her.


How Anal Play Got Me In Trouble


Even though I suppose I should’ve known it would happen, knowing my Mistress’s ingenuity, I had no idea that she could twist and pervert my love of anal play in such a way that I’d be regretting my enjoyment of that activity. But somehow, she did just that.

One night, Mistress told me that she was ready to have some CFNM fun. Now, I love CFNM as much as anyone, but I also know that almost every time we have a CFNM session, it leads to something else. So I was quite excited and looking forward to whatever was about to go down between the two of us.

I got naked for her, but, as predicted, the CFNM scene rapidly turned to something else. Mistress led me to the bedroom and ordered me to lie down on my back in the middle of the bed. I obeyed happily. She came to sit between my legs and started to stroke my cock, teasing me and making me nice and hard for her enjoyment. I started to really get into it, too, moaning and squirming around.

Suddenly, she stopped and reached for the bottle of lube sitting on the bedside table. I got really excited once I saw that because I knew it meant it was time for some anal play, which is one of my favorites.


Mind-Fuckery: Mistress Ruins My Orgasm


I moaned even more as she slipped a finger inside me. It didn’t take her long to locate my prostate with that finger, and she began to massage it, which is something she does pretty often. She alternated back and forth between stroking my cock and teasing my prostate, and I was in heaven.

The edging went on a lot longer than it normally does, but I didn’t pay it a whole lot of attention at first because I was too busy enjoying her ministrations. I did notice that it seemed like I was producing a lot more precum than usual, but it wasn’t like I really focused on it.

Eventually, though, her tease and denial started to get a little painful. It wasn’t just blue balls, either. It was something I couldn’t really explain. It’d be painful for awhile, then go back to being pleasurable, then back to painful again. When I tried to say something about it, she shushed me and went right back to what she was doing, which, unbeknownst to me was bleeding me dry, so that I wouldn’t be able to have a good orgasm when she finished with me.

I begged and begged, and finally, she gave me permission to cum. She stroked my cock vigorously, and I felt the familiar feelings of orgasm start to wash over me. Then, suddenly…there was nothing! I looked down to see if she’d stopped, but she hadn’t. She was still stroking me, looking down at my cock with a devilish smile on her face.

I looked down at my cock, too, which was producing the most uncomfortable orgasm I’d ever had in my life. “What just happened?” I asked.

“I bled your cock dry before I let you cum,” she said. “You just had your ruined orgasm!”

That was exactly what she’d done, too. She’d teased and milked me for so long that there was nothing left to shoot out when she finished with me. I’ve experienced many other types of ruined orgasms with her since then, but none of them are as painful as Mistress’s “bleeding” method.

Now, I know that even my favorite activities can come at a price…and that makes me feel that much more submissive toward my Mistress, especially after she ruins my orgasm.