My Ruined Orgasm


This is the story of my ruined orgasm After high school graduation, I was lucky enough to get accepted into one of the biggest party schools in the nation. I remember well the day I was dropped off on the doorstep of my new apartment that I shared with my best friend.

I was so excited I could barely breathe. We were renting a small two bedroom apartment on the edge of campus. My friend and I had already decided that our new digs were going to be party central. I knew I could pass without hitting the books very hard, but I did intend to study the female anatomy more than anything else for a while at least.

We lived up to that expectation. I don’t think I got a full night’s sleep in that entire fall semester and had the 1.58 GPA to show for it in December. Our little pad was always overflowing with booze and chicks. I can honestly say that a great time was had by all.

I have some great memories from that time. I also have more missing time or things I don’t remember that I like to admit now that I’m a responsible adult. I sometimes worry that I killed too many brain cells-pickled them in booze more likely-especially when I can’t find my car keys in the morning. But I don’t regret any of those times, except one.


Hot For Teacher


It was shortly before Christmas. I remember that it was a Tuesday and that I had gone to my English class. I had had a test that day, but I didn’t pass it because I had completely neglected to read the book that it tested my knowledge of. I always went to my English class, despite my poor grades and less than stellular enthusiasm.

I graced the class with my presence because I was having a hot little fling with the teacher’s assistant that taught it. She was a cute, little, blonde grad student who loved cock as much as she loved Shakespeare. So I would sit in the back of the class and watch her covertly watch me and then after class I would follow her back to her supervising teacher’s office. He was never there, so we would always have sex on his desk.

But that day, it was different. Her supervisor was there in his office. She looked at me sadly with her big, blue eyes and shrugged her shoulders. She said that she had too many roommates at her house to go there. I thought quickly and realized that we could go to my house.

My roommate was supposed to be at work at this time of day. It wasn’t a good idea to be seen together so we decided to have her lay down in the back seat of my car and then I would drive to my apartment. She couldn’t drive her car over there because there was no garage.

Her car would be parked in front of a known student as well as a known party place. She was trying to secure a permanent position at the university, so that was not a good idea. So she got in my car and lay down in the back, out of sight.



Ruined Orgasm: Great Sex in the Afternoon — Not!


I arrived at my place ten minutes later. My friend’s car was nowhere in sight so I sighed and just knew that my teacher and I were going to spend a great afternoon having hot, sweaty sex in my bedroom. Both of us had the same thing on our minds, and went straight to bed as soon as I unlocked the front door.

I had never been able to take her to bed before. She and I had only had a series of very quick encounters here and there. It felt good to have her riding my cock like a stallion while I held on to the head board.

We had my MP3 player hooked up to a pair of bookshelf speakers and it was blasting so loud that I did not hear my roommate come home early from work. She and I were both just about to cum when he burst through my bedroom door yelling about the noise and how he hated his fucking job.

Needless to say, I didn’t get to cum that day. I was so startled and freaked out about being caught is such a bad situation that I didn’t think I would ever be able to get another boner. The teacher was horrified and my roommate was so embarrassed that he left our apartment without another word and didn’t come back for a couple of days. This is the story of my memorable ruined orgasm.


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