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Did you know ruined orgasms and cum eating are the perfect pair? Mistress Erika explains why in this Beginner’s Guide to Ruined Orgasms and Cum Eating.

Have you ever wondered why a Mistress might choose ruined orgasms for her slave? I mean, really, why would a Mistress do such a thing? Continue reading Why Ruined Orgasms? to find out.

When the critical moment arrives, your Mistress will tell you one of two things. She can either allow you to cum, or she can decide that you need a ruined orgasm! Let’s assume, since this is a ruined orgasm phone sex site, that she chooses to ruin your orgasm. Using the “O” is an easy (and painful) way to do it. Continue reading The “O” that Ruins your Orgasm.

The first time I ruined a man’s orgasm, it happened quite by accident. I had no idea such things were even possible, so it was definitely not intentional on my part. Let me back up, though, and tell you how it all began. Continue reading First Time Ruining and Orgasm.

It makes me feel truly owned to know that my orgasms are not mine anymore to do with what I wish. I give everything in service to my Mistress, and that includes my cock and my orgasms. Read more about it in Mistress Ruins my Orgasm.

Ruined orgasms are often used in situations such as cuckolding and others to gain control of a male submissive. This is an ideal way to completely drain a submissive, without giving him the sheer pleasure of orgasm. Most men have experienced a ruined orgasm to some extent; of course, it was usually unintentional! Why would you ever want to do it intentionally? Find out why in All You Ever Wanted to Know about Ruined Orgasms.

He picked me up and we went to one of the best restaurants in the city. I enjoyed the food and the company. I liked his company and thought that he might have serious dating potential. I was beginning to think this might actually go somewhere. Continue reading He Kept Begging Me.

“Please, let me cum, Mistress.” He was begging again and I have to admit, I love that. The begging is what really makes it exciting for me, especially from him. My boss who has treated me like his stupid slutty slave for months, ordering me around, leering at me in my short skirts, he deserves to beg and he doesn’t deserve to get to cum. Continue reading Getting Even with the Boss.

I’ll tell you the story of how I ruined the orgasm of one of my college professors. I must admit that it was more than a little fun and something that I will never forget. I daresay that the prof won’t soon forget it either. Read all about it in Revenge is Sweet!

But I didn’t mean to ruin his orgasm it just happened. I was just doing what I normally did. I had told him to stroke and he was going at it. I even thought that we might end up having sex with this one. It didn’t turn out quite like I’d planned. Read all about it in Ruined on Accident.

In the pocket of the pants he had worn to work a few days before was a note with a phone number with hearts all around it. Under the number there was a name and “CALL ME!!!” in big red letters. For a minute I couldn’t comprehend what I was looking at. Then my blood ran cold. Read more about it how I ruined his ultimate orgasm in Caught Him Cheating.

I arrived at my place ten minutes later. My friend’s car was nowhere in sight so I sighed and just knew that my teacher and I were going to spend a great afternoon having hot, sweaty sex in my bedroom. Both of us had the same thing on our minds, and went straight to bed as soon as I unlocked the front door. Things didn’t go quite like I had planned though. Read all about it in the story of My Ruined Orgasm.

I’m sure you all know what a ruined orgasm is. If not, it’s when your Mistress teases and edges you…right up to the point of no return, then removes all stimulation. You can’t stop that orgasm if you tried, but instead of an explosive orgasm where that cum shoots all over, it just sort of dribbles out. Robbed of that powerful ejaculation, you end up frustrated, unfulfilled…and still incredibly horny! While most guys can only cum once before needing to rest and reload, most men can have multiple ruined orgasms! Oh, and there isn’t just one way to ruin an orgasm. Continue reading 5 Ways to Ruin Orgasms.

I always know when I have them totally in my control. I can see the look on their faces as they go from not realizing what I’m doing to being completely enthralled by my little game. He has no idea what he’s in for! Read all about it in Cock Tease Ruins Orgasms.

Just when you can’t take it anymore she tells you that she’s going to give you a choice. Anxious, your attention focuses, waiting to hear what this choice will be and already knowing that you are a weak man, so whatever it is, if one option is getting to cum you are going to go with that. Somehow, though, you know that’s not one of the choices. Continue reading The Choice.

Cock control enthusiasts have long been aware that CBT adds another dimension to the “usual” forms of cock control. For some, this can be a very enjoyable experience so it stands to reason that they would also enjoy CBT with the ruined orgasm. Read all about it in CBT and Ruined Orgasms.

When keeping a male submissive in chastity, it is common for the femdom Mistress to let the male submissive out of his device for short periods. During this brief time of freedom from the male chastity device, the slave will be supervised during his shower. This is the perfect time to empty the male submissive of cum through either prostate milking or through ruined orgasm. Read more about Male Chastity and Ruined Orgasms.

One of my therapy patients confessed that he’d had trouble having orgasms with women but could orgasm fine when masturbated. I decided to try something new. I started to stroke his cock in a very clinical way and just as he was about to cum, I completely let go of his cock. Read more about it in Theraputic Guided Masturbattion.

My slave had been a bad, bad boy. He’d made the mistake of disobeying my instructions not to jerk off without my explicit permission. This called for more than just a spanking, for sure! This called a nice little Twist on the Same Old Spanking!

Sissy masturbation is not all about the orgasm or the pleasure that could be gotten from the act of jerking off in the normal “manly” fashion. Sissy masturbation is a very elaborate process that will, generally speaking, end in some form of a ruined orgasm. Continue reading A Sissy’s Ruined Orgasm.

I married my husband because he’s rich. Isn’t that what women with any brain aspires to do? Money is what is important in any marriage. I was born to some wealth and I intended to keep living the lifestyle that I was accustomed to. So I went to college to only because I had to have that MRS degree. After that, life would be cake. Continue reading He Cancelled My Credit Card.

I have a certain amount of just simple glee when I have a guy tell me that I can do literally anything I want with him. It’s such a dangerous phrase to use with a woman like me, because I’m a terrible tease, and I have a tendency to take you at your word! You tell me I can do anything I want with you, and I’m inclined to actually follow through on that- especially when it comes to the possibility of ruined orgasms. I like ruining orgasms!

You reach that sweet nirvana of orgasm, and you can feel your balls emptying…and then nothing. No seed shooting out, just a dribble. That brain in your dick knows that’s not good, it knows that all that semen has just…been…wasted. Continue reading Ms. Christine’s take on what ruining your orgasm does to you.


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