Ruined Orgasm Revenge is Sweet


I’ll tell you the story of how ruined orgasm revenge is sweet! I once ruined the orgasm of one of my college professors. I must admit that it was more than a little fun and something that I will never forget. I daresay that the prof won’t soon forget it either.

I was in my senior year of college and had one more British Literature class to take before I graduated. It was not the only class I had left, but it was my last semester of college. My student loans were racking up and I was getting tired of eating mac and cheese and noddle soup all the time. So I had started taking lots of classes and not partying much at all.

I am a party girl at heart even now, years later. Back then, I was a thin, long-legged girl of twenty-two with lots of natural blond hair and green eyes. I was what my girlfriends called a cock tease. As a matter of fact, they all made me promise that I would never set out to tease the guys in their lives.

This is a promise I’ve kept. Although it is sometimes very difficult not to tease my friends’ men, I only tease strangers or men my friends don’t know. But when I do find a man that is fair game, I enjoy dressing sexy and teasing him and making him all hot and bothered. I enjoy the control and the sexy way it makes me feel.


I Tease To Get My Way


I had only teased a few of my Profs since I started college. Early on in my freshman year I had had a short lived affair with a cute, but married, one from the Science Department. It was just a fling really; nothing serious. But I guess the guy got an attack of conscious and told his wife about me and our time together.

She showed up screaming at my door at two in the morning with her friends in tow. I told her to stop screaming and if her man strayed in his marriage, it was because he was bored with her. It wasn’t my fault that I was young and pretty and she wasn’t. I didn’t hold a gun to his head and make him have sex with me.

Then I told her to get the hell out of my face and go learn to please her man. The experience didn’t make me swear off married men completely, but it did make me pickier about the married men I chose to seduce.

Anyway, so I found myself at the final semester in a four year college career. I already had a job lined up and I was more than ready for a steady paycheck. But I had a big problem. As I said I needed this one English class and only one person taught it and I hated him.

This Prof and I did not get along at all. I had taken Mythology with him my sophomore year. He had been really nice to me and smiled and cracked jokes with me….and then failed me with a laugh and the sweep of a pen. When I went to his office to ask him why he had failed me, he said that I was an immature writer-all while looking at my boobs.


Ruined Orgasm Revenge: Passing Or Else


I was bound and determined to pass his class this time, even if I had to seduce him to do it. So I came to class the first day in my sexiest outfit and sat in the front row right by his desk. When he would walk by me, I would be eye level with his cock. He always wore tight jeans so I could almost see how big his cock was.

As far as I could tell, he had a nice size cock. So I decided to make my move. I went to his office and did my best teasing routine. I “accidentally” showed him my panties and had my boobs just fall right out of my bra when I was leaning over him.

He took the bait and let me blow his cock at his desk. I had my A! I was in for a nasty surprise when I got my grades. That asshole had failed me again! All the way to his office, I planned as I drove. I called his wife and pretended to be his secretary and told her that he had asked that she be told to come to his office in an hour for an anniversary surprise.

When I got to his office I told him that I had enjoyed our time together and wanted “one more for the road.” I was blowing him hot and heavy when I heard his wife coming down the hall. As it worked out he was about to cum too. I stopped and started screaming that his wife was coming right as he started to blow his load. This ruined orgasm revenge was the absolute best revenge I ever got!


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