The Choice of Ruined Orgasm or Denial


Do you choose a ruined orgasm or denial? You love orgasms. Of course you do, don’t we all? You want to cum, you want it so badly, but your mistress says to wait. Your Mistress tells you that it builds character and helps you learn control to wait. And you do, because this is what you want, you want her to control your cock.

You ache for that control, because on your own, you know you will just stroke and stroke until you can’t possibly cum any more. Cock control is all about controlling your orgasm and many Mistresses love to tease and then deny you, but there are some who love even more to make things hard for you and not in a good way.

It starts out innocently enough. You are playing a stroking game with your Mistress. She’s there, her voice smooth and sexy, telling you to move your hand faster, to stop, to take your time. Sometimes she counts or uses other games to get you excited. Building the anticipation for the moment of truth is part of what you love.

That’s why you keep coming back to her, she brings you close to the edge, toying with you and then making you wait and wait to see if you get to release. Sometimes your cock is throbbing so hard, you can barely get the words out, as you ask her if you can cum. She smiles though, watching you struggle, running one finger tip across your trembling bottom lip and then telling you to ask again. Nicely.


Ruined Orgasm or Denial; Which is Worse?


The agony of waiting shifts now. Your cock is aching, she tells you to keep slowly stroking, while she starts to remove some of her clothing, smiling at you like she is so excited and turned on.

You wait patiently, or not so patiently, for her response. Wanting to ask again if she’s going to let you cum, but knowing that if you push her, the answer will be no without a doubt.

Just when you can’t take it anymore she tells you that she’s going to give you a choice. Anxious, your attention focuses, waiting to hear what this choice will be and already knowing that you are a weak man, so whatever it is, if one option is getting to cum you are going to go with that.

As you start to imagine what the choices might be, she laughs and sits down, crossing her long legs and watching you. Her eyes fall on your hard cock and she pauses, licking her lips. You feel yourself twitching and desperate, almost asking what that choices are, but you know, she will tell you when she’s ready.

After letting you stroke a little more, telling you to get closer and don’t let that cock relax, she sits up and clears her throat. You wait and then the choice comes and you almost wish you were still in that euphoric stage before where you were waiting. She wants you to choose, between being denied or having a ruined orgasm.


Ruin It or Don’t Do It At All


Now it comes down to it, a ruined orgasm or no orgasm at all! Ruined sounds worse and you almost respond quickly that you’d rather just be denied, but your throbbing cock and balls full and heavy stop you and you re-consider. Is it really worse? Maybe ruined just sounds bad and really getting to release even a little of that cum is worth it. That’s what happens after all when your Mistress ruins your orgasm.

She lets you cum, sorta. You get right to the edge and then depending on the method she chooses to end your orgasm you may get a little release but nothing complete. And she wasn’t talking about what method she’d choose. Dripping or bleeding as it’s called would give you a modicum of release, but nothing to really make it feel good, just enough to release some pressure.

The problem is there’s no promise she will use that instead of a good thumbing or just abandoning your cock at the last second to twitch and drip on its own without any satisfaction.

So maybe you should just go with denial. It’s the known after all. You’re used to being denied and you can deal with it. Though while you decide she has reached out and is slowly stroking your cock, asking you if you’ve chosen yet.

Your cock wants to cum, hopes that maybe it won’t be too ruined, but you know that even if it is, you’ll love that too. And as you say “Ruin it” you feel her start stroking faster than as you begin to twitch clamping her thumb down over the top, forcing the release to stop and refill your balls for another tease and denial session.