The “O” That Ruins Your Orgasm


What is the “O” of a ruined orgasm?

I want you to do something for me. Take one hand–left or right, it really doesn’t matter–and press the end of your index finger and the end of your thumb together. Make an “O” out of it. Now look at it. It seems harmless enough, doesn’t it? Nothing that’s remarkable, right?

Wrong. That little thumb-forefinger circle is actually quite powerful. In our culture, it’s considered the “OK” sign, something you can flash at another person to him/her know that all is well without ever having to say a word. Sometimes, you can see basketball players use it to indicate they’ve made a three-point shot as well. In other cultures, it’s actually a very offensive gesture, on par with our giving someone the finger.

Linguistic significance aside, the gesture is still a powerful one, for there is nothing else that will ruin your orgasm quite like that little “O.” It’s the “O” that takes away your “O,” as it were!


Tease And Denial To Build Your Orgasm Up


Generally, when your Femdom Mistress wants to ruin your orgasm, she doesn’t tell you that at the beginning of your guided masturbation session. You’d have no real reason to even participate in the session if you knew that all your efforts would be futile in the end. Thus, she keeps this knowledge hidden from you until the very end.

Alternatively, she may not have made up her mind as to whether or not she is planning on ruining your orgasm until you’ve already begun your masturbation session with her. Regardless of her reasoning, your Mistress will most likely keep her intentions from you until the last possible second!

For that reason, when you begin your session with your cock control Mistress, you really have no way of knowing what to expect. The best advice I can give you is to hope for the best while expecting the worst. That way, if your orgasm is ruined by your Mistress, the disappointment is not quite as bad. If, however, she allows you to cum, then you can be grateful for your pleasant surprise from your Masturbatrix.

Your Mistress will most likely use a combination of techniques to bring you near orgasm. In fact, she’ll probably do this multiple times! Tease and denial and orgasm edging are powerful tools when used in conjunction with one another. After several times of being brought to the brink and then pulled back, you’ll be aching with need and ready to cum hard when she commands you to.


Ruined Orgasm: So Close, Yet So Far Away


When the critical moment arrives, your Mistress will tell you one of two things. She can either allow you to cum, or she can decide that you need a ruined orgasm!

Let’s assume, since this is a ruined orgasm phone sex site, that she chooses to ruin your orgasm. Using the aforementioned “O” is an easy (and painful) way to do it. The “O” can be actually be used in two different ways.

The first way that your Mistress can have you use this simple method of ruined orgasm is by having you circle your thumb and index finger very tightly around your cock, just below the head as you feel yourself begin to orgasm. What this does is that it stops you from ejaculating by essentially strangling your cock and not allowing the cum to go past your fingers.

The second way that your Mistress can have you use the “O” is by having you circle your thumb and forefinger around the base of your cock and top of your ballsack. This, too, prevents you from ejaculating by strangling your orgasm off before it can escape.

Some men find ruined orgasms more painful and/or unsatisfying if they are stopped at their beginnings with this method. Others find that the opposite is true–their orgasms are more uncomfortable and frustrating when the cum is allowed to travel a short distance and then stopped before it can escape from the heads of their cocks.

As you can see, this little hand gesture can be quite useful when it comes to ruining your orgasm. I bet you’ll never look at the humble “OK” sign again the same way, will you?


Give one of our Mistresses a call today, so you can experience a guided masturbation ruined orgasm for yourself!