Therapeutic Guided Masturbation

“What is therapeutic guided masturbation,” you ask? Let me explain.

I had been a working therapist for many years, and my specialty was in anxiety, so, as you could imagine, I had to deal with all kinds of weird anxieties with my clients. I had noticed that often, though, I was attracting a middle aged male clientele.

I could see the lust in their eyes as they would stammer through their fear of talking to women or talking about their sexual anxieties. They often would sit staring at my tits, even though I would remind them to look up while they spoke to me. These men would struggle and try so hard to focus and to not let their gazes settle on my tits, but they always failed.

One day though, I had a middle-aged man walk into my office, and as he sat down in the plush chair opposite of me, looking like a defeated soldier, I knew he was different than any of my other clients up to this point.

He sighed heavily and looked at the floor. I asked him to sit up straight and look up at me, but even as he tried to look up, he, too, failed by letting his stare stop on my bulging breasts. He would become a very regular appointment (twice weekly).

Ruined Orgasms Bring Client To Therapist…

He told me of his sexual shortcomings. He soon confessed that every one of his sexual experiences had been with paid hookers. He was pathetic.

He would stare at my breasts and tell me of the many times that he would hire the perfect prostitute in hopes that one day he would experience an orgasm with her, but he would fall just short each and every time. He would tell me of how excited he would get and how hard his cock would grow as she teased his cock and fucked him.

But even as he would draw closer and closer to cumming, his sexual anxieties would overcome him, ruining his orgasm. His own thoughts were dominating him to the point of ruining his own orgasms! He would retreat home after his ruined orgasm to furiously masturbate himself to relief several times. He was such a loser that he just could NOT orgasm with a woman.

I could tell he was pathetic, and after a year of consistently disappointing ruined orgasms with his various hookers and escorts, he was giving up. I could sense that he was convinced that he could never enjoy or feel any pleasure with a woman.

That was when I decided to go against all the rules and do something kinky. I told him to drop his pants and show me his pathetically small cock. He sat there shocked as I stood and walked around to stand in front of him.

I repeated my request to him and he quickly dropped his pants, while he stared at my huge tits. I laughed lightly when I looked at his pathetic little dick. He blushed brightly, as he was terribly humiliated without me even saying a word.

I lifted his chin up to look at me, smiling mischievously, and told him that he was nothing but a little dick loser. He quickly averted his eyes in shame. I told him to start stroking his cock until he was hard, then demanded he stop and stand perfectly still so that I could take control of him through guided masturbation.


Guided Masturbation …And Therapist Brings Him To More Ruined Orgasms!

I started to stroke his cock methodically, watching it grow even harder. I elaborated on what a loser he was. I dared him to cum without permission, but he would not dare even as I stroked him harder and faster. He was growing weaker by the moment, and it was not long before he started to BEG me to permission to orgasm.

I started to stroke his cock as if I was milking a cow; that was all he was to me, anyway. Just as he was about to cum, I completely let go of his cock. He could not find any form of stimulation to finish him off which completely ruined his orgasm. He could do nothing but whimper as his cock just dribbled and sputtered out a tiny amount of cum.

After his cock was limp and shriveling, I milked out the very last few drops of his cum, smiling wickedly at him. He looked as if he could cry and I just laughed at what a pathetic loser he was. He blushed as I told him that I rushed him out of my office, telling him I would see him at the same time next week.

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