What Ruining Your Orgasm Does To You


Let’s talk about what ruining your orgasm does for you.

It’s All About Evolution and from that standpoint, sex really only has one goal – to repopulate the species. The fact that it feels good to nut off, and empty all that sperm is just a pleasant side effect that makes sure men do it as often as possible. That’s why an orgasm, a full release, feels so good.

Deep down in the primitive part of your brain, it thinks that you are fulfilling your biological imperative. Even if you’re just jerking off, or on those very rare occasions when you get a blow job, your brain – the one in your head and the one in your cock, thinks it’s doing its job!


It’s Ejaculation that makes you feel Sexually Satisfied


There are all kinds of ways of ruining orgasms. Many of the Mistresses here at LDW practice tantric masturbation, or use methods from the Kama Sutra. We can tease you for hours, and give you orgasms, but never actually let you cum.

For men, that’s the key to multiple orgasms, not ejaculating. Because, once those balls empty, that jizz races up your shaft, your cock pulses and stream after stream of spunk comes shooting out – you’re done.

But, we’re not here to talk about tantric masturbation or multiple male orgasms. We’re here to talk about ruined orgasms. How does it make you feel when after some long teasing, after she’s made you edge multiple times – maybe only for 20 minutes, maybe hour after hour – she finally pushes you over the edge, you feel that onrushing wave of orgasm and….she lets go?

No powerful stream of cum, no strong hard pulses. Maybe you don’t cum at all, or maybe it just dribbles out. Maybe she squelches or scrunches that orgasm, and all that spooge stays trapped in your cock and balls. Why does it leave you feeling so unfulfilled, so sexually frustrated?



It’s all about Sperm Destruction


I think that’s a wonderful term, I saw it on a BDSM social website, and I think it so accurately describes what happens. There we are, you’re naked, your dick in my hand, stroking away. You’re writhing in desperation, trying to get just that last bit of stimulation, the stimulation that will put you over the top, and you will trick you cock brain into thinking it has fulfilled its mission.

And then, you reach that sweet nirvana of orgasm, and you can feel your balls emptying…and then nothing. No seed shooting out, just a dribble. That brain in your dick knows that’s not good, it knows that all that semen has just…been…wasted. It’s disappointed in you stroker!

And it wants to do it again, but it’s angry! So, it sends all those messages to your other brain and makes you feel so frustrated. You…and all those poor sperm…thought they were getting a chance to be useful.

Well, you are useful, so take heart in that. You’re useful to me! Because seeing the look of horror come across your face and your desperate pleas to me to, “Please, Mistress, please! Don’t stop, I need to cum!” make me smile.

Oh, it’s an evil smile to be sure, but know, deep down inside, how much it pleases me to destroy every single sperm you have by ruining your orgasm! After all, I do own them, don’t I? Just like I own your cock and balls…. and relish the thought of ruining your next orgasm!


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