Why Ruined Orgasms?


Have you ever wondered why a Mistress might choose ruined orgasms for her slave? I mean, really, why would a Mistress do such a thing? Wouldn’t it make more sense to either let him cum or just deny him altogether? What exactly is the point of building his hopes up in such a manner and then pulling the rug out from underneath his feet? What kind of mean Mistress does something like that, anyway?

The answer is a bit more complex than you’d think. Yes, ultimately, it does boil down to the fact that a Mistress chooses ruining her slave’s orgasm(s) because she enjoys it, but why does she enjoy it? That’s what we’re going to look at together here in this essay.

Why would a Mistress like ruined orgasm phone sex? The first reason is fairly simple: She likes it because she’s at least somewhat sadistic. A sadistic Mistress gets a kick out of letting a man believe he’s going to be allowed to cum, then suddenly tearing the privilege away at the very last second. The physical pain of the ruined orgasm is amusing to her, as is the “Mistress, that wasn’t fair!” mental anguish the slave experiences.

But sadism is only one reason a Mistress might enjoy ruining her submissive’s orgasms. She may have another reason altogether for wishing to do so…or she may have another reason in addition to her sadism! Why don’t we explore some of the other possibilities as well?


Other Reasons For Being A Femdom Orgasm Ruinator!


Another reason that a Femdom Mistress might choose to ruin her submissive’s orgasms is to reinforce her dominance over him. If a man willingly submits to cock control, then he must be ready to do whatever his Mistress wants him to do. Most of the time, he’s eager to please her, but sometimes, he may forget his place. This is only human, of course, but his Mistress may decide he needs to be reminded who is really pulling the strings in the relationship. Ruined orgasms are an excellent way for a Femdom to put a sub back in his place where he belongs.

An extension of this would be the Mistress who wishes to humiliate a man by ruining his orgasm. Ruined orgasms are not inherently humiliating (just frustrating!), but if a Domme wishes to make it humiliating for the sub in question, it’s certainly possible to do so. It can be awfully humiliating for a man to be reminded that his orgasms no longer belong to him, for one thing. Ruined orgasms may also be used as a part of small penis humiliation, with the Mistress telling her submissive that his tiny penis does not to deserve its release.

The other possibility, of course, is that the submissive is excited by the prospect of having his orgasms ruined by his Mistress.


Ruined Orgasms Are Another Form Of Orgasm Denial


There is a fairly large group of men who are turned on by orgasm control and outright orgasm denial. Remember, denial does not necessarily just mean male chastity. Denial can encompass many things, including ruined orgasms.

For these types of men, it can be very liberating to give up the ability to determine whether or not they are allowed to cum. In addition to being liberating, it can also be very exciting!

Some men even enjoy a kind of tease and denial Russian roulette in which their Mistresses edge them repeatedly. The whole time, they’re left wondering whether or not they’re going to be allowed to cum this time or not. These men know that they can’t count on being allowed an orgasm. They can’t even relax and expect an orgasm, even after they’ve been given permission to have one, since what Mistress giveth, Mistress can also taketh away at the very last minute! Both the Mistresses and the submissives enjoy ruined orgasms in this context.

As you can see, there are many reasons that a Masturbatrix might choose to ruin her submissive’s orgasms. It’s not all about cruelty or caprice, though that may very well factor into it in some cases. Many times, their submissives even want them to be their ruinators.