5 Ways To Ruin Your Orgasm


I’m sure you all know what a ruined orgasm is but have you ever actually tried to purposely ruin your orgasm?

If you don’t know what a ruined orgasm is, it’s when your Mistress teases and edges you…right up to the point of no return, then removes all stimulation. You can’t stop that orgasm if you tried, but instead of an explosive orgasm where that cum shoots all over, it just sort of dribbles out.

Robbed of that powerful ejaculation, you end up frustrated, unfulfilled…and still incredibly horny! While most guys can only cum once before needing to rest and reload, most men can have multiple ruined orgasms! Oh, and there isn’t just one way to ruin an orgasm.


Ruin Your Orgasm by Abandoning


This is the classic ruined orgasm technique. She teases and edges you, making you hornier and more desperate.

You’re begging to cum, and she finally relents, and as you feel that orgasm building and you finally go over the edge…she just lets go! With no stimulation, your cock just dribbles and oozes out its jizz…and you’re left hard and horny…and your Masturbatrix can move on to another technique.


Scrunching/Squelching Orgasm


These are just two sides of the same ruined orgasm technique. It involves squeezing part of the cock, and making sure no cum dribbles out. It throbs and tries its mightiest, but that spooge stays trapped inside.

In scrunching, as your going over the edge, she squeezes just below the head, trapping that cum in your shaft. In squelching, she squeezes right at the base of your dick, trapping that jizz in your already swollen and aching balls. I’ve found that if I can keep squeezing for a minute after that cock stops throbbing, NO spunk at all will come out!


Ruin Your Orgasm with Dictation


If she’s giving dictation to ruin your orgasm, then she’s going to slap her thumb, a finger or even her whole palm over the top of your cock to ruin it. Either nothing comes out, or if it’s your third or fourth ruined orgasm, that cum may be so desperate to escape that your sploofed, and a bit of cum leaks out and dribbles down the shaft of your cock.

She can also go the route of “Foreign dictation” and instead of using her fingers or hand, put some other object, like a shot glass over the head of your cock. And I’m tolding there is a bit of burning pain to this one.


Ruin Your Orgasm by Thwacking


How about some ruined orgasm by CBT.

Do you think you’ll still have that full satisfying release if, just as your about to explode, she flick the head of your cock with her fingers, or thwacks your ball sack with an open palm…or her cock slapper? I’m betting not…


Slow Draining


This isn’t so much an actual ruined orgasm technique, as much as it is using all of the above to ruin you over and over again. Every time she ruins you, more jizz leaks out, slowly but surely draining your balls of all their essence.

She knows she’s done ruining your orgasm when there’s nothing left and you cum dry…which is an excellent time for some Post Orgasm Torment!


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