Caught Him Cheating; Ruined His Orgasm


You cheat, you deserve a ruined orgasm! Am I right?!

I met him at a bar one night when the smoke was thick and the tequila flowed. I had a mighty buzz, but wasn’t totally drunk when he approached me at the bar as I bought the fourth round of tequila shots for me and my friends. He asked me to dance and I nodded and motioned that I was taking the tray of drinks back to our table. He followed me back to the table then out on the dance floor. We began dating and then moved in together six months later.

On the whole, our relationship was good. We had a lot in common and shared the same goals. He was the best lover I had ever had and the biggest cock. He was a little demanding, but I put him in his place and he stopped. Time went on and we both got jobs. I was working at a local books store and he was an assistant at the local college.


I Trusted Him and Shouldn’t Have

I never kept anything hidden from him. My computer was never locked, nor was my phone. I always assumed that his computer and phone were open to me as well. I didn’t ever cheat on him and had no reason to think that he was unfaithful to me.

Then one day I was going through his pants pockets checking for change and tissues before I put them in the washer. I wasn’t looking for anything. I was doing laundry. In the pocket of the pants he had worn to work a few days before was a note with a phone number with hearts all around it. Under the number there was a name and “CALL ME!!!” in big red letters. For a minute I couldn’t comprehend what I was looking at.

Then my blood ran cold. Lucky for him, my boyfriend was asleep. Rather than wake him up to beat his ass, I decided to just do a little quiet digging of my own. His cell phone was on the dresser in the bedroom. I got it and tried to look to see if he had called this number recently. I found that I couldn’t get into his phone without a fucking password. Now I was angry. What the fuck?!


He Cheated on Me so I Ruined His Orgasm


I was not “the confront and cry” type. I was the “wait for more evidence then get revenge” type. I picked up my phone and hit the code to hide my number then I called the number on the note. It went to voicemail and a sweet voice came on, gave a name and said to leave a message. Trying to remain calm, I went to my computer and looked up the name. My boyfriend worked at a university and, I assumed, this girl either was a student there are was also employed there.

It turned out that she worked there. I found her on the adjunct faculty page. Her picture showed a woman in her mid-thirties with blonde hair and blue eyes. She looked nothing like me. My rage increased as I realized that he might like blonds more than redheads like me. I’ve never been a person to sit back and let life happen to me. I needed proof that he was cheating on me and I was going to get it if it existed. Then I would get revenge.

I said nothing to him when he woke up. I made sure that everything seemed normal so that he would have no suspicions when he left for work. I waited ten minutes, and then I followed him. I was furious when I couldn’t find his car in his usual parking area.

I looked in the lot around the building where her office was and there his car was, parked in a lot a quarter of a mile from his building. I calmly parked and went to find the two of them. Classes were in session so the hall was quiet when I walked up to her office door. The blinds were closed over the window in the door. I decided to just barge in and if I was wrong I could apologize and look stupid later.

I opened the door to find this bitch straddling my boyfriend and riding him like a stallion. I could tell by the looks on their faces that they were just about to cum. I just stood there a moment and said nothing. I thought my ex-boyfriend was going to have a heart attack when he noticed me. He jerked away from her and turned really pale. Little did he know, he was about to have a ruined orgasm.

Yep, he was just about to cum two seconds ago, but not anymore! That orgasm was ruined! I told him not to bother stopping and to make sure and come get his stuff off my front lawn when he was finished. Then I walked calmly out of the office please by his well-deserved ruined orgasm.


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