CBT And The Ruined Orgasm


I love CBT to ruin orgasms!

A ruined orgasm may come in many shapes, forms, or fashions. The methods of ruining an orgasm can vary widely, but, ultimately, all of them have the same goal in mind–to deny to the male submissive the release (and relief) of orgasm and ejaculation.

Almost all the ways to ruin an orgasm are fairly simple. Some necessarily require a little more effort than others, but none of them are really what one would call complicated. Furthermore, they’re all very effective in preventing a man from orgasming or assuring that if he does orgasm, it is completely unfulfilling to him.

One of these methods of accomplishing this is through the use of CBT or cock and ball torture.

Cock control enthusiasts have long been aware that CBT adds another dimension to the “usual” forms of cock control. For some, this can be a very enjoyable experience; for others, not so much. The word “torture,” however, may be a bit misleading. CBT can range from something very sensual and pleasurably painful, much in the same way that a light spanking can be sensual and pleasurably painful, to something very rough and painful that well does qualify as “torture.”


What CBT Does to Orgasms


Cock and ball torture is very useful in tease and denial and in orgasm edging. This is because the use of CBT interspersed with periods of masturbation allows the masturbation session to go on longer than it would otherwise because the periods of CBT take the submissive’s mind off his impending orgasm. CBT, even the mild kind, triggers a sort of “self-defense” mechanism in the penis and testicles, which also delays the onset of orgasm for longer.

Many prick tease Mistresses like incorporating CBT into their guided masturbation sessions for this very reason. The longer a man can be edged, the better, in their minds!

There are, however, uses for CBT outside of punishment, playing with masochists, and extending masturbation sessions.


Using CBT To Ruin An Orgasm


As mentioned before, even mild CBT causes a kind of “self-defense” reaction in a man’s cock and balls. Unless a man has had a lot of practice keeping his cock hard while enduring CBT, the pain of cock and ball torture is enough to make the penis grow soft. The testicles, likewise, tend to “shrink” back into the man’s body as a way to protect the delicate organs from pain and harm. As one can imagine, if this happens at or near the moment of orgasm, that moment is completely ruined for the man.

This kind of ruined orgasm can be accomplished in several ways, but the simplest way for a Masturbatrix to ruin her submissive’s orgasm with CBT is through a practice often known as “thwacking.” This method is named such because of the sound the Mistress’s hand makes when contacting with the flesh of the man’s cock and balls.

A “thwacking” orgasm ruination begins the same way that all ruined orgasms begin. The submissive is brought near the edge of orgasm and held there. The more times that a Mistress does this to her submissive, the worse he will want to cum. The worse he wants to cum, the more unfulfilling a ruined orgasm will be.

So if a Masturbatrix wishes to intensify the impact of the ruined orgasm, it is suggested that she spend plenty of time edging her submissive. Additionally, for the thwacking to have the most impact, so to speak, it is further suggested that she not engage in any other CBT techniques throughout the masturbation session, so as not to accidentally desensitize the penis.

When the Masturbatrix is ready to grant her submissive his ruined orgasm, she will stroke him until he reaches the point of no return. As his body begins to spasm but before any cum spurts out, she will deal a sharp blow to the underside of his penis, just below the head, on the most sensitive part of his cock–the frenulum. The shock of the blow is enough to make the cock go into the aforementioned self-defense mode, which will stop the impending orgasm and completely ruin it for the submissive.

CBT is a tool with many uses, and a creative Masturbatrix always keeps this in mind when playing with cock control lovers.